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By M RHODES 06 Sep, 2017

Quickly transform your data into business intelligence that will help you find answers to your company’s most important questions. 

With Power BI Desktop you can create rich, interactive reports and publish them to Power BI Online, so they can be shared anytime, anywhere. The rapid growth of Power BI can be attributed to its power, simplicity and flexibility. Data can be pulled in from a number of sources and it is not dependent on the version of Microsoft Office at your company. Plus, Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Power BI Online are free apps.

Media Tek will be running Power BI courses in London and Leeds. Please see power-bi-training for details.

By M RHODES 23 May, 2017

Clearly, many of us are very busy in our daily working lives. Pressure brought on by time constraints, can be all too familiar in the office environment. 

In Excel, we may be busy entering and verifying data in order to produce timely reports etc. But frequently, people aren’t aware of the big picture in Excel. By that, I mean features that can really save you time and boost productivity. Such as, Excels form tool for speedy data entry, creating simple time-saving macros, using styles to quickly format worksheets and charts. One of the comments I hear most often during training sessions is “This is going to save me so much time!”. 

If what you learn in training, saves just 10 minutes per work day, that translates into a full working week per year!  

Saving time, increasing efficiency, boosting productivity – interested?

By M RHODES 01 Sep, 2016
During my career, I've been privileged to conduct training for hugely successful businesses who achieve incredible profits. Obviously, not all of us work for or are going to start up billion dollar companies. But there are things we can learn from them and implement, regardless of the size of our organization.
When you interact with these companies, you quickly realize that they will always strive to use the latest technology and that their staff will be trained to leverage that technology to the maximum. In other words, they have a data culture. This can even be something, such as adopting the latest versions of familiar apps like Microsoft Office.
So clearly, a data culture is all about working smarter, but here is how Microsoft define it: "A vision that can increase your business's value. That's because employees armed with data are known to make better decisions, improve customer experiences, and improve your bottom line."
Here are a few tips to foster a data culture:
Convert Data into Intelligence
These insights can come in the form of actionable intelligence. Microsoft now incorporates Business Intelligence tools right into applications such as Excel.

Make Data Everyone's Business
With the right tools, insights can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time.
Encourage professional development
In order to make employees more data literate, businesses can ramp up training about how data works, what it means, and what can be done with it, so that it can improve business profitability.
To quote Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, "In a data culture, the entire effectiveness of an organization can elevate."

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